Nice to meet you!


My name is Magchachà, yes, it is not a mistake, my name is Mag – Cha – Chà, and I am one of the brightest creations of nature among matcha tea in the world! My family has grown me up with great love in the Kyoto region, Japan, and I became happy, complete and perfect, and then I flew 9,000 km to be with you! I like making you good and happy as you feel healthy, vigorous and energetic. I love going into your homes, your food, being with you all day, sipping me, just to make your days inspired, peaceful and fulfilling.


I am high-quality matcha and I am the one, which the ancient Japanese monks have used in their tea ceremonies and rituals. I am prepared only from the finest leaves of green tea, and for my growing, harvesting, drying, milling and storing, the wisdom of hundreds of years of diligent and constant improvement has been used to reach you today as a truly authentic product.


Greetings and Thank you for taking your precious time!


Be happy, balanced and in harmony with nature!


With love,