Your Matcha Tea

Matcha, the green magic powder for toning and strengthening the body. Two or three cups a day make miracles. They fill you with energy, enthusiasm and ecstasy.

Try the tradition of ancient Japan. Sip the secret for a long and happy life. Immerse yourself in the taste and tenderness of the natural Matcha Tea.

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Green Magic


Matcha is made from the finest leaves of green tea. Three weeks before the first harvest, the plants are covered to prevent direct sunlight. This stimulates the production of chlorophyll (the bright green colour) and causes the production of amino acids. The leaves are hand-picked, and then all veins and stems are removed, dried and ground carefully.


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Your Matcha Recipes

You can use Matcha tea as an ingredient in various drinks – lattes, shakes, cocktails, lemonades; cookies, sweets, bread and many other foods and beverages, depending on your imagination. There is no limit to the delicacies you can create with the green magic of Nature.

Your Matcha Ritual

To prepare your Matcha, you need three things – a bowl, a bamboo spoon (chashaku) and a bamboo whisk (chasen). It is recommended to sieve 2 chashaku spoons (equal to 1 teaspoon). Add 50 ml. warm water (70-80 ° C) and stir the mixture with bamboo whisk chasen or electric stirrer until foam forms on the surface. Pour some water or milk. Your Matcha is ready.

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